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The Beat Goes On...

Are you itching to get outside and gather with the masses? Whether your first music festival was Woodstock or a local band at a downtown festival, you probably recall the experience because you had fun! Music festivals are rising in popularity. In 2018, nearly a quarter of the U.S. population attended a music festival according to a Nielsen Report. What does this mean for brands? An opportunity for greater exposure through sponsorships and booths.

Right now is an ideal time to review your plans to be ready when the beat goes on.....

  1. Does your website need to be updated?

  2. Is everyone on the committee planning to return?

  3. Are you incorporating any components to give back to the community that day?

  4. Is the festival going to change from previous years- does the media know?

  5. Have you secured sponsors and what have you offered them besides a banner, an ad, and some free tickets?

When it comes to the merchandise we often think of gear that's designed for the band groupies to purchase, but festival merchandise can be an effective way to secure sponsors.

  • In warmer weather, a hand fan shaped like a guitar is fun for the attendee, but in the right hands, it becomes a call to action for advertising sponsors with incentives to visit them another day.

  • Zipper pulls might be the way you gain access to a VIP section sponsored by a local business.

  • An eye doctor or urgent care might love the wordplay for their services associated with bottle opener sunglasses!

  • A bakery might gather selfies from attendees with glow in the dark lip balm.

  • Glow in the dark blankets for the grassy areas would be the perfect way to advertise family-friendly activities or a financial planner's ability to navigate their future.

The next time you are a sponsor, ask if you can suggest your own items for mass distribution or to select VIP attendees- get attendees familiar with the lyrics to your brand!

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