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The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

I know, we aren't supposed to judge, but well- some photos are just ugly. Ugly-, you know, unpleasant, repulsive, ill-favored, plain, hideous. Okay, you know what it means, so you know this image of the chewed gum is less than attractive. However, how often do you consider the message being conveyed with your photos? You might have seen our October post around the importance of composition but it's not just the impact of the image or the quality of the image that's important; it's the intent of the image.

Look at it this way, comparing these 2 images, which are more likely to get your attention?

Both images are products, but a product in use- well, that's our expertise.

The power of touch is critical to growing awareness, and staying top of mind. Brands grow when recipients keep products, use them regularly, which means the product is ...wait for it, part of their lifestyle! A product photo is a product photo, but in the hands of your vertical market, it touches their daily life. Images that represent lifestyle, values, and preferences while incorporating products are lifestyle photos. Photos that capture life tell stories. Brands evolve and grow when consumers respond to the stories.

See how far your brand story can travel with quality lifestyle images. Do you need a crash course in brushing up your social media? Ask us to set up a free 30-minute consultation or partner with us to brush up on your graphic presence.

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