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The Human Cocoon Effect- Luxurious Comfort Works

What's trending in apparel?

Elevated Active, with a focus on how utility and luxury come together to make workwear you'll want to wear. An aspect of Elevated Active to explore is the tactical experience; surfaces designed for the senses. Just as we've adjusted our lifestyles, our clothing helps to make us feel comfortable, safe, and protected. Psychology even has a name for this: cocooning. The idea of cocooning is not new, shunning public places and surrounding yourself with creature comforts has found new resonance in 2020. Comfortable fabrics such as sherpa, fleece, and faux fur combine comfort and elegance, offering a sense of peace and coziness to our day.

Luuma products are popular with ladies due to the LuLulemon aesthetic and the comfort level of the fabric. These new Ogio products are the perfect piece for fashionable comfort that is polished enough for work or a casual weekend.

Peace of mind & protection, with puffy jackets or vests, provide a padded layer between you and the world. These styles are tidy, professional, and visually strong, yet they also express the true definition of protection with a durable water-repellent finish to keep you safe from increasingly unpredictable weather. Don't underestimate the importance of sensory touchstones, the value is apparent in the retail trends driving sales.

In 2020, less is more, luxury at hand matters more than unnecessary excess. Explore these trends in detail in our next blog post!

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