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There Are Heroes Among Us

Regular folks are heroes every day. Our media outlets are featuring stories around the best of humanity, as individuals create ways to be a positive force. It's impossible to feature every positive story because a camera is not always there to capture kind words exchanged by strangers or a heartfelt thanks to an employee that's working in our local stores, restaurants, healthcare centers or paroling our streets.

The positive outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic has been to slow down the pace of our lives enough to appreciate how much we like being around other people and how much social interaction makes us feel complete. When life resumes a normal pace, it won't take more than a light cycle delay for us to forget to slow down an appreciate the positive in your life. There are individuals in our communities that always think of others first- that's the idea behind the Town of Apex Think Apex Initiative. Using #thinkapex, share images or videos of goodwill & strength in the community from now until April 25, 2020 and help the town showcase the heart of Apex.

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