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There's A Stain On Your Shirt

Considering that 80% of consumers have a t-shirt with branding from a company and a tee offers over 3,400 impressions in its lifetime- that makes a $7 tee cost only 2/10 of a cent as a cost per impression.

What type of tee will make consumers wear it? Comfortable tees with trendy graphics. Making a consumer look often requires a fresh approach to a traditional challenge. We've secured another decoration process in our offerings that is sure to turn heads.

Transforming a tee into a work of art with a monochromatic, edge to edge process that is eco-friendly and leaves tees super soft to the touch. This proprietary technique offers the opportunity to transform a basic t-shirt and uniquely customize, capturing any theme, concept, niche, or branding like never before. The rustic and vintage 'dye-like' characteristic transforms the basic t-shirt and warmly welcomes further traditional screen printing right over the top to enhance your branding and increase perceived value. Basically, it stains the shirt with images.

Does this type of print option appeal to you?

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