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Think Inside & Outside The Box

You might recall our post earlier this year featuring a man on a box- we suggested he'd overlooked the possibilities of that box. The modern consumer wants more visual and sensory stimulation and packaging has become an essential element to those experiences.

Packaging delivers one more brand message to consumers in the final stage before purchasing. A quality product is table stakes for repeat buying, but how much weight do you think packaging holds in that equation? More than you know. To break through the clutter of hundreds of other competing products, it pays to be different. We’re talking about being innovative and unique in order to get a product noticed. Packaging builds brands and gives a product personality. First impressions count.

Grab attention

Let’s first look at ways to capture the eye's attention. Stand out with innovative printing and finishing methods and don't under estimate sensory touch. Quality matters and provides a higher perceived value- no cutting corners.

Be recognizable

Consumers form an opinion about a brand the moment they see the packaging. Make it count. Consider adding suspense to your story by the shape or design work of the packaging, making the recipient want to open it.

Elicit emotion and action

Create awareness and excitement while showcasing elements significant to the brand and its mission. Quality matters, not just in the feel and appearance but the ease to open, crispness of the folds, perfect sizing to the contents all make a brand statement.

For those with low impact initiatives, ask us about certified recyclable materials, such as those endorsed by the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) or SFI® (Sustainable Forestry Initiative), which are sourced from the highest available percentage of post-consumer recycled content from local mills.

Don't overlook a little extra!

Custom finishes and coatings add pizazz & pop to packaging. Processes like debossing, embossing, foil stamping and spot color printing transform the appearance of boxes. Finishing processes such as UV gloss coating, spot UV, soft-touch lamination, aqueous satin, and gloss coatings, intricate die-cutting, and raised UV give it a snazzy, polished look too. These extras highlight design elements, elevate the tactile experience, and add dimension.

Set yourself apart

It’s not the complete package until it’s the complete package. Including related products such as labels, inserts, bottle-neck cards and hang tags round create a comprehensive, thoughtful package solution. Tapping into our creative team, we can provide inspiration, comprehensive solutions and apply our certified marketing savvy to your packaging program challenges.

Make design the focus of the packaging

Better packaging design sells your message. The packaging and unboxing presents an experience for the consumer that adds to the product’s appeal. The design of their packaging creates magical moment to the recipient from when the package first arrives or is picked up to their unboxing experience.

Key takeaway's

Opportunities for packaging innovation can be driven by pivots in consumer behaviors, attitudes, and interests, as well as other macro trends in the marketplace. However, true innovation comes from blending consumer desire and product usability with production feasibility and brand voice. Sprinkle in cool packaging options and embellishments to ultimately connect brands with consumers and create moments that matter.

Our expertise, your value-add

We’re here to walk you options, compare products in our showroom and make the design process simple with our experienced graphic team.

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