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We See Bright Ideas, Do You?

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Did the light bulb glass intrigue you to take a second glance? No doubt we associate light bulbs with creative moments; but what about the coaster? Did you give the coaster a second glance? Isn't a coaster's purpose to absorb glass sweat? Yep, but should that surface be limited? Not in our hands. It's in prime view, ready to grab your attention as a very low-cost advertising and marketing tool.

Battle against boredom.

Make your brand the life of the party.

Consumers are sophisticated, and traditional methods aren’t always as engaging or thought-provoking. Custom coasters increase your chances of grabbing and holding attention. Custom coasters aren’t the typical promotional item. Think of them like mini-billboards that people aren’t hurtling past at 65 miles per hour. Coasters hold attention whether they hold a glass or not. Who says they have to look like a coaster or even be used like one? The cooler your coaster, the greater the chance that consumers will hold on to it and talk about it.

We defy you to see these options as boring- the punch out is even, well, a punch-out space. If you are located in a busy downtown area, outdoor dining programs can use a boost right now. How can you add value? Seasonal coasters and monthly promotions. Partner with local businesses to layer in secret rewards, reveal clues in a scavenger hunt, or reward supporters with a chance to win a shopping spree.

What else can coasters do?

Drive Sales

Coasters are an undercover sales ninja not-hidden in plain sight

Independent studies show that coasters increased the sales of advertised items by as much as 34.9% compared month over month.*

Marketing Value

The retention rate of coasters is 65%, meaning 2 out of 3 consumers can recall the brand, product, or offer.* Coasters influenced 22% of purchase decisions during an independent study. *

Brand Extension

Reinforce brand message and personality while increasing familiarity with your audiences.

People hold on to coasters. 62% say they take them home sometimes.*

Is your imagination intrigued by the possibilities?

We hope so, after all, it's our favorite part of developing your campaign. Applying our creativity to problem-solving and growing your brand engagement. We always see possibilities.

*Based on independent studies conducted by Canisius College and SUNY Buffalo.

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