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What Are 2 Powerful Words?

“The two most powerful words when we’re in struggle: Me too.” - Brene Brown

Mental health issues have been behind the most disturbing stories we see featured in media, from the roots of addiction to unthinkable acts. Mental health however is not about front page stories, in the workplace & home, issues usually center around anxiety and depressions. The ability to provide a trusting, supportive culture within the workplace is the key to identifying ways to help manage stress among your team. April is National Stress Month, and while most of us work in teams- stress begins with self imposed rules or expectations in the workplace. In fact, we mold our behaviors based on the actions and reactions of others within the workplace.

Common workplace stress revolves around work overload, a lack of support from managers, poor relationships with colleagues and unclear expectations. Similarly behavioral cues hint at stress-feeling too busy to take time off, working long hours or struggling to prioritize or focus on tasks.

Everyone experiences life differently and faces different challenges. That why there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to supporting mental health. What are some easy ways to be part of creating positive impact in the workplace. I stumbled on these tips to reduce stress that you can implement yourself.

  • Work in 90-minute increments, then taking a 20-minute break.

  • Read more. Whether you reach for a book or a magazine, reading helps rewire how your brain works, plus you collect new ideas!

  • Let the screens go dark at dinner. Enjoy the food or the company of those around you. Attentive eating can also help you balance your food intake.

  • Exercise. Getting up and moving every day brings a host of health benefits. including increases your heart rate, which pumps more oxygen into the brain. This helps release hormones that allow for the growth of brain cells. You don’t have to run a 5K—just do something every day to move.

  • Balance on one leg. Another small way to improve your life is to work on your balance. Balance becomes increasingly important as we age, and it’s something that is easily overlooked until an accident or injury occurs. Standing on one leg while you brush your teeth or wait in line. It doesn’t require a huge time commitment or much effort, but it can help you over time.

  • Spend a few quiet moments alone. Slowing down for a few minutes also activates neural pathways to release feel-good hormones like melatonin, serotonin and oxytocin- besides I read it preserves your brain power as you age.

How does our team destress? Keith likes to play games, Miranda likes to shop, Arien likes to craft and Olivia likes movies! What's your favorite way to reduce stress?

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