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What Comes First, The Cap Or The Stitch?

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

The Stitch!

Clients are amazed to find out that custom caps are decorated on a flat piece of fabric that's then sewed to construct the cap. When visitors come to the showroom, they immediately are drawn to custom caps. Why? The possibilities.

Custom caps are visually more exciting and usually cheaper than caps that are decorated after they're sewn into a style. What can you do to a custom cap?

  • Decorate the inside the cap with a message

  • Stitch or print on the top or bottom of the bill

  • Add words or color between the top and bottom of the bill- the sandwich

  • Add a private label for your brand inside of the cap

  • Decorate several locations

  • Add mixed media such as screening the mesh back on a trucker style, perhaps an element from your logo, a location, a flag or pattern. It's really no problem.

  • Add dimensional patches or laser etching the fabric

Besides the lower price point with custom, you're adding value to the consumer.

Our stock caps are all stitched in one of our local or domestic partner production facilities, while our custom caps rely on strong overseas production partners. Interested in supporting local initiatives? Custom caps are not done domestically, but no worries- you are still supporting local by working with our team. We are a team of 4 and we have production partners all around Wake County and North Carolina- creating jobs for 100's of individuals.

Caps are a legit choice for a strong, easy, creative return on your investment. Headwear generates an impressive 3,400 impressions over its lifespan- more stat's here.

When you're ready to explore the options for decoration or custom caps, set up a time to visit our showroom.

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