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What Do 99.6% of NC Businesses Have in Common?

99.6% of business in NC are considered small businesses!

Maybe a smaller number of employees, but know small businesses are large in heart!

When our owners Olivia & Keith founded Promotional Partners Inc. in 2007 there were an estimated 821,189 small businesses in North Carolina, employing 47.9% of the state's 3,586,552 non-farm-sector employees.

Fast forward to 2021- what's the current economic profile? There are 934,604 small businesses in NC, representing 99.6% of all business, employing 1.7 million people.

It's National Entrepreneurship Week. News stories are abundant around the growing number of entrepreneurs since 2020. Promotional Partners is excited by this growing trend, because we know small businesses invested in their local communities as volunteers, mentors and sponsors. Sharing knowledge & experiences within the business community grows ideas & builds best practices with one another. After all, collaboration leads to creativity, and innovation keeps the economy thriving. Right?

What innovative products are there to inspire entrepreneurs to dream?

  • Never lose a great idea with this innovative product. Save paper while jotting down your thoughts with the Quartet Dry Ease Desktop organizer. Watch this short video to see one in action.

  • LapGear is the perfect solution for the individual that likes to jump between projects, working anywhere, including the sofa! Watch this video to see this product.

  • Lume Cubes are ideal for video conferencing & individuals working remotely. Here's the product in action.

Are you interested in Promotional Partners Inc.'s backstory & journey of entrepreneurship?

Flash back to our roots with an image of our first location in historic Downtown Apex.

Lessons learned by our owners over the years, or did you catch Olivia's interview with Voyage Raleigh about being a woman-owned business?

Even after 15 years, your story is our why!

Why do you support small businesses?

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