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What's Cooking?

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Fresh ingredients, homemade recipes and intense flavors remind of us family, friends, trips & different cultures. Cooking is part of our daily routine, so it's a perfect location to add some quality branding products.

In a 2021 consumer survey, released PPAI, only 19% of consumers recently received a branded item in the kitchen?

Sounds like the kitchen is an opportunity to connect with consumers.

  • Considering in that survey 61% of the respondents could recall the name of advertiser on products they own, this strategy will yield a lot of dough!

  • 75.6% of respondent's kept a product because it was useful.

  • 94% of consumers responded they liked getting free products

  • 50% said they still used promotional products they received 5 years ago.

Kitchen items are quirky enough to work because the potential for 5 years of advertising from one product is an amazing return on your investment. Keeping your brand name within reach of your target market is the power behind promotional products- the power of touch.

Let's explore some useful items for the kitchen:

What's is a "must have" tool in your kitchen?

*Data - PPAI Consumer Report 2021- PPAI; Promotional Products Association International

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