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What's Impact of Marching Forward Together?

Provide forward thinking- create purpose, while positioning your brand to consumers. We have the simple steps. Let's do this together.

By aligning with purpose driven partners you are able to offer even more impact to your message. Did you know that March is B Corp Month? We're proud to partner with numerous Certified B Corporations that balance purpose and profit. In fact, we have been introducing you to B Corp brands, and the stories behind each for years in our blog. Review here.

What is a Certified B Corp?

It's a global initiative. A collective of people & businesses pursuing business differently- seeking to make an impact on the planet & people. Thinking differently about how they run their business, to offer a broader impact; focusing on more than just being profitable.

By working together, one step at a time- our steps add up to solutions on much larger issues. Sometimes all that's necessary to change is a simple step forward.

A few of our favorites?

FEED- in fact we are also giving back right now if you purchase FEED bags. Read more here.

Hilana- a woman-owned brand

bellroy, nimble, TERRA and klean kanteen- which is also employee-owned, are in this link. Make sure to watch the video link too.

tentree- which is also 30% off all clothing till the end of March! Shop here.

These partnerships & products are perfect for Earth Day- and beyond.

Ask us to share these, and more brands when you visit our showroom. We'll craft a marketing plan that fit your goals. Do more with B Corp partnerships!

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