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  • What's Impact of Marching Forward Together?

    Did you know that March is B Corp Month? We're proud to partner with numerous Certified B Corporations that balance purpose and profit. In fact, we have been introducing you to B Corp brands, and the stories behind each for years in our What is a Certified B Corp? It's a global initiative. Do more with B Corp partnerships!

  • March Forward, Go Beyond

    make and the impact on others is part of what's behind the growing number of businesses that are now B Corps. March is B Corp month- but what is the movement all about? It's a global initiative. Who are some of our B Corp partners and the stories behind those brands? What are your thoughts on these B Corp companies initiatives?

  • How Do Brands & Branding Choices Make A Difference?

    CERTIFIED B CORP MONTH: B CORP partner stories are abundant in our blog posts. What is a B Corp? Terra Thread - backpacks, bags and apparel are created for conscious consumers, corporations and NGOs

  • FEED, To Invest In A Child's Future

    Mission-driven since day one and B Corp certified since 2022. As a B Corp, FEED prioritizes all their stakeholders — people and planet — in everything they do.

  • Business For Good

    Family And Employee-Owned B-Corp This unique structure pairs complete operational freedom and autonomy What exactly is a B Corp? B Lab became known for certifying B Corporations. Did you know we have featured other partners that are B-Corp on our blog?

  • Store More Than A Pinch of Summer!

    A Certifed B-Corp An innovative product, created by friends, producing another woman-owned partnership

  • 5 Pathways To Support

    Purpose Partners: Certified B Corps that balance purpose with profit and other forward-thinking retail **Search our blog by key words such as: FSC, B Corp, Sustainable, Woman-Owned, and Give Back

  • Why Do Labels & Certifications Matter?

    B Corp A company that receives this official certification undergoes a lengthy audit process where the To achieve certification, companies must achieve a “B Impact Assessment Score of 80 or above” and pass Certified businesses also must make a legal commitment to change their corporate governance structure not just shareholders, and exhibit transparency by allowing their performance to be measured against B Lab’s standards, as well as be publicly available on their B Corp profile.

  • Zip Up Your Marketing Efforts

    Outerwear is a consistently a top performer when it comes to corporate gifting generating a long life Planet Partnership and selections with responsiable partnerships through our proud path collection & B-Corp

  • Rethinking Paper & Pencils

    Follow the Cause Marketing section of our blog or type B-Corp in our search bar.

  • Make Your Marks Matter!

    Karst is one of our many B-Corp Partnerships- you might recall from our focus last month on these types

  • Summer Love, Is Calling!

    We'll show you how to use a program in a restaurant, dealership, boutique, corporate setting, to enhance Purpose driven partnerships, including B Corps, make your brand message last longer.

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