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What's Left Behind In Your Footprint?

A footprint is not just one impression, it's the steps taken along your journey; where you've been and where your going.

In 1986 I began a career in education in Wake County Public Schools as an art teacher. While I thought my role was to share my passion for visual arts and encourage students to tap into their creative side, immediately my story took an emotional turn. Student's that struggled academically or socially, often thrived in the art room. Their talent allowed their thoughts & words to be seen through a visual story- creating communication & inspiring conversation.

The deeper story that developed over nearly 20 years in education was the impact of an impression; the positive, negative or indifference we leave behind on one another. For us, being part of the community means engagement and going all in to support others. Paying it forward with introductions & referrals, volunteering & giving back to a variety of organizations through out the year. It's the culmination of our professional journey in business that's been the pathway to meeting amazing individuals & our reason for sharing sesquicentennial stories all year. Good news needs to be shared.

We hope you'll follow these footprint stories and find an organization that draws you into their story and inspires action in you.


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