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What Does It Mean To Go, All In?

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

When we use the phrase, "all in", it means one is vested in the outcome.

At Promotional Partners, we jump & we embrace the uncertainty of what lies ahead, because it's an opportunity.

Entrepreneurship is truly an " all in" venture. Owning a business does not come with guarantees or a sure footed path, yet it provides opportunities!.

Opportunity is advancement & progress, but it's also how a set of circumstance make possible an outcome. Today's post is about going all in to embrace life & it's opportunities that create the fabric that defines us.

Sixteen years ago, Olivia & Keith had never met many of the people that they now call friends. Similarly, organizations they've grown to support through service, sponsorship, donation or sharing a positive word of mouth is now part of their "all in" journey. Being a 5 year old that jumped off the 10ft dive, only days after learning to swim 5 feet across the pool, Olivia goes "all in". It's about the opportunity.

Over the next year, Promotional Partners will be sharing stories about people and organizations that have enriched our 16 years in the Apex business community.


The answer is a sesquicentennial journey of past, present and potential.

Have you heard?

Apex is 150!

This year the town is celebrating being 150 years old by reaching the peak through it's past, present & potential. Promotional Partners is currently 16 years of that rich history. By embracing our neighbors & community partners we remain excited by the present and look forward to discovering the opportunities that will unfold- maximizing our potential.

Our future posts will dive straight into the story behind local partners.

Who's our first feature? Apex CAPA

Last Tuesday night Mayor Jacques Gilbert declared March 24, 2023 as CAPA Day in the Town of Apex, making this story the perfect place to start our sesquicentennial journey of past, present and future connections.

Here's the proclamation.

What is CAPA?

Their purpose is to provide support and assistance through volunteerism to the Apex Police Department by partnering together to serve our community with pride and integrity.

Their mission is to serve the Apex Police Department by assisting in administrative, non-police roles, thereby freeing up Officers so they may more effectively perform their duties. CAPA volunteers are also committed to serving the Town of Apex and community, as ambassadors and diplomats, by providing resources and services that enhance the Peak of Good Living’s quality of life.

For the full story, visit their website. You've probably already met a CAPA volunteer or participated in a CAPA event. We know because over our sixteen years, our paths have crossed many times.

We've seen CAPA at work through:

  • Shred Day – Spring & Fall- a huge asset to our business

  • Cleaning Up our local parks on the weekend

  • Peak Fest – May- our festival commission appreciates their hours

  • Apex Festivals- we attend in our leisure time- there is always a CAPA presence

  • Charitable efforts for SONC, Special Olympics NC Torch Run fundraising events.

  • Christmas activities on Salem, the annual Rotary Club Christmas Parade, as well as shopping with Christmas with a Cop in December support our neighbors & friends.

Visit the CAPA website for a complete list of the local ways volunteers support the Apex Police Department & the Apex community through their service.

We asked CAPA Volunteer President, Drew Ludlow why he's a member. Drew stated, "I feel that there are many reasons why people consider joining CAPA. Many Members empathize with our Officers and want to show appreciation and respect for their everyday heroic efforts. Some Members simply want to get involved and give back to the Apex Community. I think Members continue to be engaged because we have been successful at creating a close family environment within our group and the Apex Police Department. For me, it is personally rewarding to be part of something 'bigger'."

Visit the Town of Apex's 150 website to learn about the past, present & potential of Apex.

Follow #Apex150

**CAPA will be volunteering at our town's 42nd PeakFest May 6th

Spring Shred Day Event is May 13th.

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