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What's on Your Collar?

You've probably heard by now that you can change your wallpaper behind you on electronic meeting platforms to show some personality, but what about what you are wearing? I am not referring to the pants we can't see, instead, I am referring to what we can see- your collar.

Video meetings have become the new norm. Team meetings, doctor visits, and client appointments have all gone virtual, and as the moratorium on in-person events continues, the need for brand visibility in the virtual world is at its peak. One way to achieve this: high-impact branding on your team's apparel. One of our favorite partners for giving your brand a boost with decoration options is our partner at Trimark, part of our PCNA family.

Choosing a highly visible imprint location puts your logo front and center, where everyone can see it. It also gives your team a professional and cohesive look for the camera. A traditional left chest logo may be cut off by the camera, but imprinting your logo somewhere higher up will attract more attention.

Market research shows it takes between five and seven impressions to be remembered. Collar and shoulder imprints generate more impressions and are more likely to be seen on video calls. Trimark offers these unique locations standard, so there's no added cost for that extra visibility. Learn more with our white paper here.

Another critical element in creating brand visibility? The decoration. We recommend a high-impact method for a bold and modern look. We love the eye-catching HXD method, shown here because it can be customized with metallic, texture, or backgrounds to help bring your logo to life.

Need more reasons to try this method? Check your monthly newsletter - we have a special offer right now just because you are one of our partners!

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