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What's Personal? You, of Course!

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

What's personal? Our relationship with you!! Sure, we e-mail & share digital materials with our clients, that's part of the modern workplace, but the relationships we form with our clients exist beyond a screen. We like to step away from the desk.

The phrase "as plain as the nose on your face" applies to business challenges in any era. What seems obvious may be less so to your prospective consumers, despite your efforts. In 2022, our company will be 15 years old! Currently our business has a presence on 3 social media platforms to share our personality & engagement in the community. We have this blog to share expertise and we launched our current website platform in late 2019.

We post. We tweak. We hope we convey our relationship advantages on our website but in case we missed the mark, we want you to know this about us!

We Are Local

We employ local people. We have around 2000 square feet of showroom space to collaborate in person & compare options with expert, certified, individuals. Yes, some products are hand-made or decorated in the triangle. We have NC partners, diversity partners, and global partners as part of our team because your brand deserves robust choices. Who's 100% local? Our collective, experienced an award-winning brand prowess, and design team. We appreciate being a trusted partner.

We Are Community Invested

We invest in the local community. Not only does it feel right to be part of the fabric of your community & work together to face challenges, but forming relationships builds stronger communities. The more we know about our neighbors, the more we can connect resources & people to the right program, agency or person.

Our website will allow you to submit inquiries but not place your order. Why not? Keep reading!

We Are Purposefully Not E-Commerce Enabled

Our website is an effective way for us to share some preferred partners by category or campaign, but it's just a resource. It's not the best way to place an order. Why? Our industry has way too many variables that need vetting before an order. We prefer to manage all the aspects of your project so you can relax & focus on tasks that require your talents.

Let's break down why our clients don't place orders on our website:

  • We have too many partners to feature them all on our website. Plus, custom options don't exist until we design it to your specifications.

  • Our partners load the product data through our web host - data might not be 100% accurate or some partners provide content that is easier to follow than others. If 2021 has taught us anything, import issues have created a volatile environment. Cost increases due to shipping & container cost, as well as unpredictable inbound stock.

  • You've got important tasks on your desk, let us verify stock and lead time. No need to have you pay online, then be disappointed if your timeline can't be met or stock was not available.

  • We've taken the time to get to know our partners' strengths and offerings. We can quickly determine if there is a similar or different product with a better price, quality or quantity for your project.

  • Our trained eye for graphic design prevents challenges before you place the order.

  • We have relationships with partners. We know which partners care about social & environmental issues or giving back to causes that matter to you. (Another reason to follow our blog!)

  • We love sharing our expertise. Ordering through a website is impersonal. We are personal. We're all about collaboration! By discussing your goals, your objectives, your limitations & your expectations, a well-crafted marketing plan takes shape.

  • We also love extras, like value-add services & options.

Like what? We offer special events & client exclusive perks. Our services include:

  • Marketing Services - designing your campaigns & social media assistance

  • Graphic Design Services - developing logos, print materials, signage & display materials that fit your message. Did you know that we've won awards & created licensed designs?

  • Comparing Products - nothing compares to the power of touch. Our showroom is an exclusive opportunity to compare product options, feel the quality, host your group, try on apparel, work with our design team, or build a curated kit. You're planning to invest your marketing dollars into tangible advertising because it works, so doesn't it make sense to make a similar investment in a tangible team?

  • Certified Team of Professionals - each member of our team is certified with a least one industry degree, though some of our team members have multiple! What does that mean for you? Our industry recognizes us as experts who have the knowledge they need to thoroughly understand and navigate the promotional products marketplace while maximizing your profitability and producing campaigns that achieve results. That's a lot of expertise at work for you!

What's your next brand challenge? Our passion keeps us here and we hope it leads you to form a relationship with us.

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