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What Influences Consumers?

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

What's the influencer driving consumers? This influencer is more than an "everybody" wants one rumor. There are stats gathered from real consumers, by real research teams that confirms everybody is influenced by- the power of touch.

Try this fact- Millennial's make up over a 89.2 million of the US population and they ARE influenced by the power of touch, watch here.

The influencer is promotional products in the hands of consumers. It's simple, product campaigns grow brands! Here's a quick run down of the facts:

By Recognizing Achievement.

Identifying & rewarding your best employees for a job well done. By touching the senses, you are triggering a ‘Thank You’ response, because everyone appreciates being acknowledged.

Becoming Remembered.

Promotional Products are designed to trigger brand recall, because the products align your brand with your customer’s lifestyle. Interaction inspires future action, creating the advertising results you want, because everyone remembers them.

Creating Conversation.

Everyone talks about promotional products they enjoy & find useful. We can help you cut through the clutter and make a lasting connection with your clients & customers.

Get Noticed Increases Brand Awareness.

Everyone keeps quality, useful, attractive promotional products. We can help you create personalized brand experiences that stand the test of time.

Energize Your Business.

Certified professionals can save you time and money, because we have both the experience and expertise to design campaigns with products that produce results! In fact, our Promotional Partners team won a Pyramid Award for our work designing the logos & producing the products decorated with the the trademarked phrase, The Peak of Good Living. This popular Town of Apex Peak Promo Store, elevates their brand and offers enthusiast's a way to secure their own Peak of Good Living gear.

So, the rumors are true. Everyone asks for promotional products, which helps you reach your target audience in a way that no other advertising medium can touch. Our award winning, certified team puts our collaborative & creative approach to work for your brand. By touching & comparing options in our showroom, brainstorming with our talented team and utilizing our in- house graphic team, our clients save save time & money.

Eager to learn more about the power of touch? Take a look at this video

Keep an eye on our social media leading up to Promotional Products WORK Day- October 20, 2021!

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