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What's the Dress Code?

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

Is every day now casual Friday?

Maybe, not.

There is no doubt a more casual standard is now acceptable in the workplace. Your power of observation is a key tool to demystify the dress code. Just like the tone of their language on their website and marketing materials, employees will likely be dressed in ways that reflect the culture of that company's dress code.

While comfort is important, fashion trends prove everything goes round. For those of us in high school in the 80's we know we embraces the preppy look.

What's Trending for 2023?

Workleisure: Keeping Work Comfortable- still relevant! We’ve been talking about athleisure for years — and it continues to evolve today. Comfort is important in the workleisure philosophy, meaning clothes that fit comfortably and also help the wearer feel comfortable in their own skin. Workleisure embraces flexible work models and plays into younger generations’ desire for choice and accepting gender fluidity. We stocked the showroom with Ogio styles that deliver on comfort, style and performance.

Power Casual: Making Work Special- gained popularity with many of our own clients last year. Now take everything we just talked about and flip it on its head. The Power Casual trend, we’re still blending professionalism and comfort but now the emphasis is on looking more polished. “People want to get dressed up again, but we still want to have the comfort,” says Helen Lambert, CEO of The Style Pulse.

Power Casual looks tend to be more structured and durable, but also feature clothing you can move around in comfortably. We've stocked Mercer + Mettle styles in the showroom for just this type of professional, but comfortable look.

Balance. Purpose- become a more frequent request

In 2023 there is a lot of talk around finding balance and re-imagining what is important in life, which includes consumer interest in sustainable options.

A Change in Perspective- ah, what's old is new. As our lives shift, the way we look at familiar favorites is renewed too. Maybe that’s why we’re seeing the return of preppy style. Once the traditional dress code for older generations, the prep aesthetic is now being adopted by Millennials and Gen Z and finding new life in their Instagram and TikTok feeds. Tailored looks with Brooke Brothers Style. Spoiler alert, there will be ties mixed in with those tailored Brooke's Brothers selections. Is it your move?

Luxury activeware- just look around the streets in your town.

Focused on adventure & movement. Brands we can trust and activity-based items like crossbody bags, backpacks, hoodies and even leggings. Looking for a sneak peek at some popular styles and new partnerships for your branding needs in 2023?

Whether your uniforming your team in rugged performance gear like Carhartt, planning to reward your team with luxury active & outerwear or seeking to refresh your wardrobe by embracing the preppy style. Our showroom is the perfect place to try on clothing, compare brands and discuss decoration methods to make sure your choices reflect your brand identity.

Which style trends fit your individual vibe?

* Thanks to our friends at Sanmar for these links & tips!

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