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What's The Road To A Better Life?

Imagine being without your vehicle? Ask any 16 year old and they can remind you the ability to drive yourself is INDEPENDENCE.

If you've ever had your car in the shop for repairs to know that it is always an annoying struggle when you are forced to order an Uber or inconvenience a friend to drive you around while your car is being fixed. Now imagine having to spare that extra expense every day just to simply go to work or the grocery store. What if you had to always rely on someone else for your appointments? This is a struggle that families all over our area face every day as they lack the funds to secure reliable transportation.

So, What Is Being Done About This?

Wheels4Hope is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that has been providing safe, reliable, affordable vehicles to people who need them since May 22, 2000. This organization began at the West Raleigh Presbyterian Church when John Weistart and Chris Simes saw the importance and life-changing effects a good car can have on a struggling family. Having a car can mean that they are able to get and keep a job, meet family obligations, or pursue an education. All of this means having a car is a necessity.

Take a moment to consider how economically challenged individuals face very limited options when they go to purchase a car. Sometimes, they can even be charged inflated prices or be forced into paying high-interest loans. Wheels4Hope is dedicated to helping this need and providing a better solution for those who need it. From the beginning, starting through a mission group at the church, Wheels4Hope opened an all-volunteer garage to address low-income people’s need for affordable, reliable transportation. Here is a thought-provoking quote from the co-founder, Chris Simes:

"Most of what we take for granted as normal family life requires a car. It is only when our car goes into the shop that we taste the sense of isolation and limitation that some of our neighbors face every day."

- Chris Simes, Co-founder, Wheels4Hope

Today, as a fully qualified nonprofit organization, Wheels4Hope is known throughout the Triangle, Triad, and Western North Carolina as an organization that helps individuals and families receive transportation.

Why Talk About This?

We have chosen to call attention to Wheels4Hope today as a part of our celebration for Apex’s 150-year anniversary. With this being a special year for our town, we want to make sure we are also giving back and recognizing the important, wonderful organizations that make our community so great. Wheels4Hope has been a part of our community for over twenty years and offers life-changing services for those who need them.

How Does Wheels4Hope Do This?

Most of the income is generated by the sale of donated vehicles. Most of these vehicles are received and repaired by Wheels4Hope. These vehicles are then sold as program cars.

Some of the vehicles are sold to the general public and vehicles that are beyond their geographical reach or ability to repair are sold with 100% of the proceeds going to support the work of Wheels4Hope.

In addition to these efforts, significant support comes from volunteer mechanics and Partner Garages. These sponsors provide the labor to repair vehicles that have been donated to Wheels4Hope. As well as receiving charitable gifts from individuals, congregations, corporations, and foundations allows Wheels4Hope to invest in opportunities to expand and strengthen the impact of its mission.

The Wheels4Hope website has more information on how to help with this cause and how their organization functions. If you are interested in learning more about Wheels4Hope, check out their website, here. This partner is one of the many organizations that have spoken to the Apex Rotary Club over the years. As a result of that presentation, when it was time for Keith's father to quit driving he knew that his car was going to an organization doing amazing work- plus they picked up his car & took care of the paperwork. So simple!

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