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What's Tied Up with Knots?

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

A bow!

Did you know today was National Bow Day?

Whether you are a fan of suits with bowties, a cheerleader, pageant contestant, equestrian, the spelling bee winner, or wrapping a gift with ribbon, a bow is an essential part of the project. Besides, a bow does not require sizes; it fits everyone! Often, these products are USA Made and supporting even more than one local partner.

Let's explore some ways to tie in your brand message:

  • Gifts - a gift always looks spiffy with custom ribbon

  • Spirit - cheer, school mascots - a simple way to all be part of a team

  • Utility - Scrunchies are very trendy right now and are a fun way to hold your hair up and out of your face while being active

  • Unity - neckwear like scarves, bowties and neckties are a perfect unifying factor; a way to showcase individuals all part of one organization. This NC partner has numerous ways to "weave" in your message. Here's a case study about how a necktie is an ideal location for inserting iconic triangles that convey a dash more.

  • Recognition - ribbons are also very similar to bows and are very often used to recognize winners of all sorts of competitions

Knot all marketing campaigns should use the same products. This Quirky Enough to Work idea might tie up the loose thread you've been looking for to stand out in the crowd.

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