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What's Your Secret Weapon?

The power to connect and change consumer behavior is a power tool- and our partnership towards new trends & products is your secret weapon!

Did you know promotional products are one of the oldest forms of advertising; dating back to George Washington's presidential election in 1789?

Promotional products are designed for staying power, and industry research has proven their influence as an effective advertising medium. They are built to leverage the greatest reach, drive recall, and resonate to engage the best reaction among consumers, relative to any other advertising vehicle. Not only cultivating positive reactions, but 81 percent of consumers also keep promotional products for over a year, and 53 percent use these products at least once a week — meaning they are seen as useful. No other advertising media have a shelf life of 365 days or more and garner a response of “thank you” when received by target consumers.

For instance, branded online pop-up stores are cropping up, as marketers turn the traditional popup shop tactic on its head. Brick-and-mortar retailers are now bringing consumers limited-time items in the form of online pop-up stores, where they can purchase exclusive promotional products without having to leave the comfort of their homes. Companies such as KFC, Taco Bell, and McDonald’s have all tapped into this promotional strategy to transcend their original product offering and provide consumers with a sense of identity and community.

Another recent case of industry innovation is seen through the introduction of near-field communication into the advertising medium, which has allowed consumers to delve deeper, view customized rich media, receive targeted special offers, share experiences and make a purchase — all through their smartphones. Perhaps one of the most interesting examples of this was Tommy Hilfiger’s implementation of smart chip technology in certain products, allowing consumers to connect the clothing to a mobile app in which wearers can rack up points and redeem them for exclusive rewards and VIP experiences. (This was a strategy we brought you back in May) As consumers, it’s difficult to resist a brand that brings an experience directly to the screen of our cell phones.

What’s next? While we don't hold all the answers, we do know our industry evolves with the modern-day consumer. You can count us to highlight new ideas and trends that will reach all five senses, plus a sixth — the sense of ownership for consumers!

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