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When Is Creativity Fundamental?

Updated: Mar 11, 2022


We love creative pursuits! Creativity opportunities are both serendipitous, (yep, look up a new word) and planned. How can you plan for creativity? By inviting play. When our mind is engaged with a new activity, such as solving a puzzle, we have to challenge ourselves to consider new possibilities. The more we invite play into our lives, the more likely you'll become a creative problem solver.

One of our partners, Jornik, also a woman-owned company like Promotional Partners, believes that creativity is fundamental. We love that phrase. Creativity is one of our cornerstone values. Innovative ideas, images and discussion drive engagement and engagement drives collaboration; another cornerstone of our company, because collaborative discussions create solutions that drive results.

Ready to play? Take a look at these 5 options:

  • Ball of Whacks

  • Shake a Word

  • Robo Cube Fidget Toy

  • Traveler Geo Puzzle

  • Zen Stones

January is National Creativity Month and January 29th is National Puzzle Day- so we challenge you to get out of your routine and create a new pursuit! Whether it's artistic or playful-have some fun. You never know when your creative burst of energy might lead you to an innovative idea!

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