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When Your In The Mood For Change

Sometimes you need to reset and refresh. New ideas. New approaches. New connections.

The start of a new year always brings round discussion about how internally changes can be implemented that will result in more profits, stronger employee teams, adhering to goals and increasing sales.

We have a wide collection of unique promotional products that change color by the heat of your hand, with ice cold liquids, in cold temperatures, in sunlight or when getting wet.

Search our collection here.

What makes mood product work anyway?

The way mood items work is pretty simple. Each product is coated with leuco dyes, which reflect light and create color.These dyes are activated by one of the reasons below- causing the color changing items to transform before your eyes

Mood items are fun for the eye and invite conversation and many of our mood products give back to help students! How's that for creative & purpose driven?

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