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Who Doesn't Love Free?

Let's be real, we know you don't like paying setup fees when ordering products, but it's a necessity due to the volume in production facilities. Imagine thousands of orders stacked up each day, each requiring different imprints and processes to decorate. The plates & screens are physically cataloged and stored for future orders. Machines have to been calibrated to clamp, roll and move products through the process. There are a lot of moving parts! Enough about production, let's get back to FREE!

Some of our partners streamline their production processes, offering etching on all your products for example is quicker to calibrate, which also does not require saving plates or screens. The result- FREE setups!

A popular reason for a low quantity request is a business start-up on a limited budget or for gifts were you many only need 1 for someone special. We've put together a quick guide to some of our favorite free set up and low quantity choices.

Don't let fees keep you down- ask us to show you samples that are set up FREE!

Speaking of FREE, a huge asset in working with our company is a team of expert professionals that free up your time by locating exactly what you need and comparing all the options for you. Like our tagline says; visionary assurance, united purpose.

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