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Who's Got Your Back?

From wooden, to plastic to extendable- there is a back scratch tool for everyone!

Our backs don't get enough credit- we "break our back" with manual labor, we "pat ourselves on the back" when we want to acknowledge achievement and when we offer assurance and protection we "have your back". Being pinned up in the house, you might even have noticed an itch that could be satisfied by a back scratcher!

Who has your back for maintaining your brand's identity and growing awareness? We do!

In 2007 we set out to be a trusted partner to our clients. Engaging in the community helped us learn what you value. Listening to what you sought in a partner put us on a completely different path than other distributors. Instead of investing in working to gain customers that prefer the eCommerce experience offered by giants in our industry, we invested in developing relationships. By stocking and maintaining a showroom location with thousands of products, ready to compare with the touch your hand we found the experience lead to better communication, a deeper understanding of your needs and a stronger connection to your marketing choices because our clients were in touch with the experts.

Does investing in a showroom over allowing an ecommerce transaction on a website mean purchasing is not easy? Hardly, besides face to face meetings, we ship samples and communicate electronically too! Our website purposely limits the number of partners and products to feature the best in our industry. When we are crafting a custom product or going outside our preferred suppliers, we want to compare & vet the choices for you; applying our expertise.

What factors do we consider before partnering with a supplier?

  • Longevity & experience in our industry

  • Interesting & innovative products

  • Quality products

  • 5 star industry rating, earned within our industry. Simply put, their reputation was earned. Key differentiators we seek are strong communication skills throughout the order process and how they handle an unforeseen issue when it arises- it's not the mistake, it's how it's corrected. Afterall, you expect the best from us, we need to know someone's got your back!

  • Safety compliance! When you give out a product with your name on it, your brand reputation is tied to that promotional campaign. Safety and compliance includes more than warning labels or making sure it's distributed to the intended audience, it requires our partners take a deep dive into product design, materials and components in the construction.

You're in competitive markets, your reputation relies on what we advise as a partner to your brand project. When you're seeking practical products for the home, pets or office or would like to tap into your artistic or quirky side, this line is a great choice; no wonder they are called WOW!

Safety is not a glamorous topic, however if you have concerns about product safety, we can provide paperwork outlining safety compliance. By the way, sleep easy, the back scratchers featured here are CPSIA compliant.

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