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  • Giving Back to Veteran's Housing

    The Patriot brand takes pride in supporting Veterans. Many people look for the Yeti brand, but if your organization or business has a connection with Veteran

  • Becoming A Hub of Activity

    The business needs to be owned by minority owned, woman owned, veteran-owned or disabled veteran owned

  • Things Get Hairy

    Biscuit Day March Poison Prevention Awareness Month March 1-8: Professional Pet Sitters Week March 13: K9 Veterans

  • Ethical Values & Authenticity Speak Volumes

    products that tie into sustainability, positive environmental impacts, giving back to the military or veteran

  • Bone-a-fide Ideas

    Just a glimpse at the other pet related days throughout the year: March 13 - National K9 Veteran Day

  • Seek More, Hire Professionals!

    What were some takeaways this 12-year veteran learned from her course work?

  • Count On Women

    access to supplier partners that are HUB status for many reasons, such as Disabled American Owned, Veteran

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