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3 Magic Beans, Growing Your Brand to New Heights

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

It's Day 2 of PPAI's Promotional Products WORK Week, and today's focus is sharing expertise! Our entire team has mastered various certification levels, to add value to our partnership and strategic directions to your marketing campaigns. Besides our ongoing commitment to education, we are frequently asked to be a speaker for networking groups, business associations, Chambers of Commerce, and in house to the marketing team.

Collaboration always yields stronger results. In September, Olivia was a virtual speaker for the Apex Chamber of Commerce on the topic of 3 Magic Beans, Growing Your Brand to New Heights! Right now most of us are looking for magic beans, as COVID has put a strain on many business models in our economy. While these tips are not magic, they do represent solid strategies to building business. Promotional Partners Inc. started in 2007, just before the recession, so we had to adapt & learn quickly to build a strong foundation.

What are the highlights behind her presentation?

Let's start by examining the characters.

  • Was Jack visionary or gullible?

  • Was his mother, unwilling to change, not adapting, rooted in traditional approaches or just practical?

  • Does the Giant represent fear, our competition and holding on to customers with money?

  • Is the Giant's wife, as an ally, the key relationship builder to achieving Jack's goals?

  • The cow- of course, your product or service

Next let's establish what sets you apart from your competition, exploring how these 3 key areas set you apart from a company in your industry. Allowing each of these 3 beans to guide your approach.

  • Bean 1- Know yourself; your character- you want the coins

  • Bean 2- Create authentic moments - get the goose to lay eggs

  • Bean 3- Make sure your tone matches- your harp cords

“A brand is a set of expectations. Memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one service or product over another.” -Seth Godin

Who are you, what is your brand? We all need money to survive, adapt a marketing mindset to reach your target markets. Let's get the bag of coins!

Consider these well-known brands. What do you associate with their brand?

  • Jetblue- inspire humanity- both in the air and on the ground

  • TED- spread ideas

  • Norstrom- provide the customer with the most compelling shopping experience possible

Their product or service is clear, their audience defined and their refrain the same.

Let's take a closer look at the magic in each of those 3 beans.

Bean 1- Olivia discussed how the message we project needs to fit our core values & tagline to gain our coins. She sited companies that have adapted their offerings to connect with their ideal consumer. For example:

  • Ace is small, we expect to dash in for just what we need with an expert ready to help. Home Depot offers us more options, but the help is hit or miss.

  • Car dealerships once only sold us cars, now we can even order one from Costco. Dealerships have adapted. Now they are partners in helping us maintain our vehicle, by offering free services with your purchase, such as oil changes. This additional service saves the consumer money, but also provides the dealer an opportunity to interact with you. This process guarantees a better trade-in and creates a moment to sell you a new car or services while you wait.

  • Hallmark makes sure that loyal shoppers have exclusive access and perks during their holiday ornament sale period.

Bean 2- When all variables are the same, it's always about price. Unfortunately, we all want the goose that lays the golden egg. Building relationships has to be authentic and develop over time. Similarly to dating, we find common ground, shared interests or vision and then develop a relationship. We don't jump to marriage the first time we meet; unless we are on a reality show! How do we develop relationships? How many insurance commercials are on TV? Each company offering similar products, but positioning their story differently. From Flo from Progressive to Farmer’s, Jake from State Farm, or Mr. Mayhem & Accident Forgiveness by Allstate– a necessary topic becomes a story with a soul! Having a soul is the perfect segway to our next magic bean.

Bean 3- Developing relationships requires trust and authenticity. The Giant's wife decided to help Jack; why? All of us have a niche, a "place we can go" that others can't really relate to on our level. We've worked a job, developed a hobby or lived that experience in life that makes us relatable to others. Like the insurance commercials offering a story, what message are you conveying? Make sure your harp strikes the right cord.

  • Language- what's conveyed in your font choice, word choice and body language? The harp tone soothed the Giant.

  • Evolving Stories- don’t stay stuck in the same chapter by only repeating one tagline or using the same elevator speech; over time you'll be tuned out. A harp has many strings, capable of a variety of melodies, yet you recognize a harp sound.

  • Plan- your vertical message, should match your vertical markets needs, be specific. Saying "everyone" is my target market, is not an effective marketing strategy.

Think about it, if Jack had not taken a risk, believed in an opportunity, he wouldn't have succeeded in the end.

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