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Visionary Assurance, United Purpose

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

Putting your trust in our team to build and manage your brand is important to our relationship with each of you. Strong bonds and partnership don't happen by accident. Relationships require communication. Relationships need to be nurtured. Relationships need commitment.

As a team we invest in our relationship with you by freely & consistently sharing relevant marketing advice on our blog and in your VIP newsletters. We know the creative process is fueled by collaboration and touch, so we invest in your access to products, whether it's brainstorming in the showroom, samples at your location or videos! We know that brand reputation relies on aligning your brand with suppliers that are rigorous in their pursuit of safety and suppliers that add value through their efforts to shape social and environmental change.

We've always been your creative, collaborative and certified partner, but we've recently increased the power behind our team. How? By investing in our professional development as a team. While I have been CAS since 2012, our team is now certified!!! A silver lining from the COVID-19 pandemic has been the ability to invest our time in industry education!

Why did we invest? Your relationship - you've trusted us as your branding partner!

  • We are committed to our industry

  • We are professionals within 2 international industry associations  

  • Personal & team achievement

  • Establishes professional credentials as a company

  • We are dedicated to high standards

What have we earned?

PPAI program certifications signify professionals, invested in advancing proficiency of promotional products industry concepts and business practices. To become a certified professional, one must earn certification levels through hands on professional development courses, with increased requirements & hours of training, proficiency and industry knowledge necessary to master and earn new levels. Additionally, course work never stops. Requiring additional hours earned to stay certified every 3 years.

  • Arien has earned her TAS - Trained Advertising Specialist Certification, plus she has an MS in Integrated Marketing Communications

  • Miranda has earned her TAS - Trained Advertising Specialist Certification and because she has been in the industry over 3 years ( 12 of our 13 years) she is now working towards her CAS - Certified Advertising Specialist Certification (Update 7/15/2020: Miranda has earned her CAS certification!)

  • Olivia earned her MAS - Master Advertising Specialist Certification, crossing that one off the "to do list".

Visionary Assurance, United Purpose - that's Promotional Partners Inc. We hope you like our new tagline!

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