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Break The Ice

The start of a new year brings the opportunity for new ideas, methods or goals. Employees are not often excited to attend an annual meeting because new ideas mean change and for some, change is hard. In fact, many individuals will sit in the same seat, with the same group of people for every meeting- that's pretty stale. An ice breaker is the perfect way to shake up the group. Bring back a moment from their youth with an ice pop! Place the pops in full color sleeves, but order the sleeves in several versions for distribution, forcing different groups to naturally form!

Branding that is quirky has a place and helps to break the ice, forming new patterns of behavior. Is your brand looking for new markets this year? A custom sleeve is a perfect solution, offering a low price point with high visibility, high brand impact and engagement.

  • A daycare, church youth program, sports league or a business offering summer camps for kids might advertise at a street festival or offer free the sleeves/pops to local schools as an incentive for reading or good behavior, in turn putting a spotlight on their business.

  • Realtors, banks, mortgage lenders, car dealers and apartment complexes might offer to a college campus event or game as a way to connect to new markets for services.

  • Safety is not a glamorous topic, but an important aspect to the workplace. Employees that work outdoors or in hot warehouses might enjoy the break along with a reminder about safety first tips!

  • Run, walk, bike- no matter how quickly you finish; you are going to be hot! Not only would this be fun to receive, but a cool fundraising idea. Sell those sleeves as a location for sponsors.

  • New school, new year, both teachers and students can celebrate milestones such as a senior year, new school program success or enjoy at field day in the spring.

  • A retail shop might add a map of downtown areas to shop or dine, perhaps a QR code to visit website or coupon code to apply for a discount in the local shops.

Keep following us in 2020, we will be exploring new product ideas to break into your next market! By the way, these are USA Made!

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