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The Key To Making Summer Memorable!

Is your refrigerator door full of memories every summer?

The key to any successful promotion is providing functional items that also engage your recipient and solve a challenge. Today's challenge? Keeping summer fun going year round.

The key starts with creating memories that will be enjoyed over & over!

Keep your brand message front & center this summer with this handy little item.

It sticks to many different types of surfaces! Safe for walls, making it easy to change out photos as little ones grow or new save the date cards arrive in the mail.

Keeping your name front & center to your key accounts or inserting some fun employee inspiration!

Crafting a smart summer promotion is more fun when we layer in cherished moments utilizing fun & functional products that also create time with recipient's family or friends to play together.

As long as you are planning a summer basket of goodies- put everything in a pail.

We will add a tea towel the family can color! Imagine the possibilities- welcome home, ew family member, new pet or upcoming family day event. By promoting a fun activity together, your recipient makes memories.

Would you rather insert something for the beach?

Sure, make it a towel, ask us to design something fun and make sure to put those towel clips in the pail.

We love helping your brand story remain in sight, keeping you top of mind.

Let us help you tell your story- in color, creating memories with your valued relationships!

Is your recipient a party of one- maybe the memory they want to create is how easy you made their summer fun, with this Lily Pulitzer beach kit.

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