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Do You Need to Relax?

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Being everything to everyone is an overwhelming & exhausting task. For a business owner, your list of ideal markets and connections might look like this list:

  • New parents

  • Technology enthusiasts

  • Environmental & sustainability champions

  • Those seeking to maintain their optimal health & wellness goals

  • Attendees to conferences

  • Individuals that enjoy cooking or relaxing at home

  • Individuals that enjoy exploring the outdoors. Remember, it's the NC year of the trail.

Wow, that is a long list!

Relax- we do the heavy lifting by curating the best partners for your brand.

Promotional advertising is all about touch & connection. By providing a product solution that is kept, used and appreciated- your brand message stays top of mind. When your brand is remembered and individuals reach out to you for goods & services as a result of engagement. That's brand power.

One of the joys of our showroom location is to connect you to innovative product and quality brands. It's easier to know what you like, when you can compare your options.

It's also important to consider the trends that are influencing consumers. Which brands? Which products? Check out this video clip of new products in our showroom space.

Take a moment to relax. Look closer at new products in this digital flipbook, featuring solutions that will resonate consumers.

Did you miss these recent stories?

  1. Wearable art, making a difference for the planet. That's a winning combination. Take art with you everywhere you travel or event in your home, with Slowtide brand, read the story here.

  2. Keeping our ocean's clean and beautiful, while providing eye catching totes. Explore the Out of the Ocean line & a partnership making a difference here.

  3. Brand name cooking essentials for the kitchen, are perfect for National Bake with families month. La Cuisine. Make it a gift set! Looking for ideas for the home? These inspiring products will be used & kept; after-all we spend an average of 37 minutes in our kitchen each day.

  4. Popular name brands, kitted for distribution or shipping? You got it! Read more here.

When you are ready to compare- come on over. Connecting with you, one-on- one, that's our favorite part of the day! No matter who's on your list, we have solutions. Besides, it will give us time to relax and catch up with you!

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