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How To Cultivate A Sense Of Belonging In The Workplace.

June is a month that puts a spotlight on diversity, equity and inclusion. Promotional products are the perfect canvas for custom, colorful imagery that also creates a tangible experience for interaction with your senses. Yes, your senses.

Our industry knowledge, creative thinking & our graphic's experience combine to suggest innovative ways to utilize products that invite engagement & encourage individuals to share their unique experiences & perspective within your organization.

Over the past couple months we have been working with several of our partners DEI Council's to highlight how we can capture engagement & create dialogue using products.

Our partners are amazed how strong visual imagery incorporated into stock & custom projects generates a strong message too.

Our core objective with each of these partners is to celebrate differences, build on mutual respect and cultivate a sense of belonging in the workplace or community.

Here are 3 simple ways we customized products.

1. Stickers can be any shape, any size, any content and colorful!

2. A button surface can become any graphic!

3. A stock bag can have a custom image on the surface.

We love combining our graphic design experience with our industry & marketing experience to create programs that hit on your message with recipients.

Keep following our stories on our blog about innovative ways to use products.

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