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Forming Relationships Aids Community Policing; Building Bridges

Conversation is easier when you have something in common.

Have you ever been out of town or sitting on a plane only to find out the someone next to you is from the same state or town as you- yet your thousands of miles from that destination? Immediately you look for common ground, where you like to eat, places you have lives or schools you have attended.

Here's where the story begins.

 “The Apex Police Department worked closely with Promotional Partners in developing a story book that introduced our officers to our community members. This project did not come easy, but the professionalism that we received from Promotional Partners was amazing. This project took approximately 4 months from start to finish which included creating and editing officer biographies, and tracking photo submissions from the officers. Isabel’s ability to bring the animated pictures to life in the exact way that we were hoping, definitely helped to make the book as successful as it was. We gave Promotional Partners an idea of what we were hoping to see and they made it happen for us. We are beyond satisfied with the outcome of this book and can’t wait to continue this partnership on future projects.”

Chief of Police Jason P. Armstrong

Apex Police Department

The Challenge:

This case study explores making a personal connection can foster positive relationships between police officers and the children of the community, breaking down barriers and building trust through a storybook. 

Collaboration & Design:

The Apex Police Department (APD) recognizes the importance of community engagement in forming relationships & trust, particularly with young residents. To enhance their approach, APD sought our expertise to develop a creative and engaging storybook. Through collaboration, we assisting in conceptualizing what would be necessary for a unique narrative, by working one on one with the department & officers to craft a page about the personal life of each each participating officer. Our design studio provided the perfect space to work closely with APD representatives to work through what types of images would best reflect the story behind each officers' hobbies, family life and hidden talents in a relatable book for children.  Each page of the book has original illustrations that bring the officers' stories to life. The visuals convey the humanity and approachability of each the officers.



The collaborative effort between Promotional Partners and the Apex Police Department in creating "Who’s Behind the Badge?" demonstrates how visual imagery & storytelling create community engagement. The project is facilitating positive interactions between police officers and children.

Apex shared their strategy with other departments as a strategy for fostering positive community relations. The Shaker Heights Police Department in Ohio reached out for a similar type of book. Besides making creating synergy between the officers & the community, the department used the books as a way to foster interest in utilizing their public library system. They held several book signings with the officers.

"The Shaker Heights worked with Promotional Partners Inc. on our children’s book and we could not be happier.  The team worked closely with us to ensure we had a product tailored to our agency and community.  The finished product vastly exceed our expectations and is a huge hit in our community .  We are looking forward to doing a second addition to our book with Promotional Partners Inc."

Chief of Police Wayne Hudson

Shaker Heights Ohio Police Department

The unique approach by both departments and the willingness of officers' to share information about their personal lives outside of their service to the community garnered national news attention. Media outlets recognized the innovative nature of the project, bringing positive publicity to community policing. We are excited to report that the popularity of the books captured local and national news coverage for the officers & agencies involved!  

This collaboration is forming meaningful community relationships.

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