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How Can You Increase Foot Traffic?

We can’t all be celebrities with thousands of followers, but let’s face it; we all want to turn more heads and point more eyes towards our brand message. Being a head-turner at an event requires planning to capture the look and feel of your space.

For example, quirky and fun only work if the representatives in your booth space have the personality to “own” that type of vibe. If wearing costumes or playing a game is not “your thing”, perhaps you have a skill that you can capture in a demonstration or video? If you decide to play a game or provide a demonstration, make sure you have the people power to engage attendees that are passing by the booth while others are engaged in the game or demonstration.

Similarly consider the size of your booth, do you have room to effectively split up the space offering an area for one on one conversation without cramping the other attendees? Size does matter- less can be more to capture the attention of an attendee.

Don’t forget to evaluate your visual communications each year. Just because the table cover and retractable you have been using for years “works”, consider if it’s “working” for your brand. Does it capture the look and feel of your company in 2020?

We’ve become a visual society - looks do matter when it comes to displays!

If your space seems stale, then attendees may assume you don’t have new insights to offer to their challenges.

5 Top Attention-Grabbing Techniques

  1. Dramatic lighting

  2. Double sided full color graphics- share your story in full color; photos convey more than words.

  3. Attractive- eye-catching displays- If you don’t have a graphic design team, don’t forget we offer those services.

  4. Small space? Don’t forget the walls- flat graphics that hang from the pole and drape separators may seem “old school”, but they are inexpensive, lightweight & print rich ready surfaces.

  5. In booth activities or sought-after promotional item. What’s popular?

Our top 5 picks are:

  • Microfiber cleaning cloth. Print rich, shapes- hearts, plus a large content area, integrate QR Code

  • Pop Socket. Your company has a "grip" on relevant subject matter, plus people love them

  • HUB. “Own” desk space, they're functional, and creates a brand message of staying connected to, multiple lines of service/offerings

  • Squid/Adapter. Staying connected, accessible, flexible to your needs

  • Straws since we said they were hot.

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