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Take Action In The Moment.

Did you watch the recent solar eclipse or see stunning photos after?

We live in a world where we don't want to wait to share what we've experienced. In fact, WE WANT IT NOW!

Yes- on demand photos, a new generation of the polaroid lifestyle!

Photos are a great way to connect with others- sharing experiences, events and capturing memories. Hosting an event creates energy at the moment but how do you sustain engagement after it's over?

Maybe you'd like to create a card, label or even generate a to do list- energized right from the conference room location.

Can do!

We all know our phones are mini computers, why not task this device with something that creates an instant reward?

Connect the portable wireless printer to your phone through Bluetooth. Once connected, you can print black-and-white photos, pictures, study notes, and to-do lists and customize bookmarks, labels, journals, greeting cards, and more. A roll of thermal paper and thermal sticker paper are included with the printer. The printer is compatible with all major phone brands and has a battery life of 4 hours of continuous use. Recharge time: 2 hours. Type C Charging Cable Included.

Looking for some tips on creating quality photos?

Making an impressions requires a strong visual experience and keeps the client engaged.

Yes, you can read this blog but don't forget we have 3 artist's on the team- so we know a bit about composition. We are happy to share our graphic knowledge with you; it's fun to play in our design studio.

Ready to get this product in your partner's hand?

Drop by our showroom to see a sample and let's plan on DEVELOPING a summer program around this new product. This type of product also means it's Quirky Enough to Work too!

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