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Prevent Your Logo From Becoming A Blob

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

There's a reason our tagline is a place where ideas get results- we don't sell products, we provide marketing strategies that utilize the proven "power" of branded advertising.

As a marketing vehicle tangible products stick around, but WHY?

Using tangible products is an effective way to brand, but if the imprint is not a blob! An "unreadable" imprint will put your product in the trash bin regardless of the quality, usefulness or appearance. Our company invests in our clients behind the scenes, with a team of expert professionals. This year we will be weaving in some of the "behind the scenes" stories into our blog that showcase why we are a "go to partner" for brand management. 

Internally we offer graphic design services. While many imprints only require resizing your logo or suggesting how much content will fit well in the imprint area; some projects require more expertise. There are times when we need to suggest subtle changes to a logo that will not damage the brand standard, but will insure a proper imprint of the logo. 


A new client had a logo that was not going to reduce well in small imprint area. Elements of the logo would either fill in with ink becoming a “blob” during printing or run together with other elements of the design creating an even larger "blob".


We suggested to the client we thicken some lines in their logo, reduce the number of fine lines in an area that would not be missed by the recipient and to slightly open up the spacing in an arch to slightly increase the detail in that area. In a side by side comparison of the logo, the modifications were so slight to the eye that the changes did not make noticeable difference to the logo. However, the changes had a huge impact in the print quality on the power bank. 

Because we have in-house graphics we were able explain our concerns with visuals , provide options prior to ordering, making the client more comfortable with the order process- ending with a happy client and no blobs! Craving more success stories? Make sure to keep following the blog!

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