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Looking For Rainbows? Embrace The Rain!

What is Olivia up to now?

Demonstrating products! Sorta.

Watch to see.

It rained all day, then we tried to video her trying out this Rite in Rain product; suddenly no rain! Did you miss this post that explains how the product works?

Who likes an unexpected rainbow when the rain stops? Take a closer look. What's special about her pencil? It has a rainbow tip! That way you'll always find the rainbow.

These pencils are not only fun, but great for themes of diversity and inclusion.

Now take a look at what she is wearing. Did you know this comfy sweatshirt is made from recycled materials and with each purchase plants 10 trees? That's pretty amazing right. Read more here.

Her jacket is seam sealed, stylish, lightweight for any weather and right now on sale! We have samples of popular jackets from this line in our showroom. Trying on your clothing prior to an order is one of the many benefits of our showroom experience.

Good for the planet, positive messages & products that shed rain- with so much accomplished don't you deserve a reward?

Sign up to follow our blog and we will enter you win a bottle of Promotional Partners wine. We will draw on Monday.

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