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March Forward, Go Beyond

March is associated with spring forward, flowering trees that remind us of nature's beauty, growth and the beginning of something new.

We all start with small steps that grow into large shoes to fill- and somewhere along our path, we start to think about the impact of our choices in life.

The decisions we make and the impact on others is part of what's behind the growing number of businesses that are now B Corps.

March is B Corp month- but what is the movement all about?

It's a global initiative. A collective of people & businesses pursuing business differently- seeking to make an impact on the planet & people. Thinking differently about how they run their business, to offer a broader impact; focusing on more than just being profitable.

Who are some of our B Corp partners and the stories behind those brands?

  • These 5 brands are part of the ProudPath collection of brands.

  • Partners that are re thinking how we look at paper & wood products- such as Karst & forestry

  • Energy partners with solar lighting

  • A woman- owned company upcycling & recycling cotton & saving water

  • Addressing poverty and celebrating what makes us unique, with this brand

  • Bee's wax solutions that also help end poverty and eradicate hunger worldwide. This line has so many feel good, useful product solutions- with full color decoration. Take a look here.

What are your thoughts on these B Corp companies initiatives?

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