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Margaritas Anyone?

It's pretty likely in 2020 you were invited to a virtual cocktail party or virtual show mixer. While sipping a margarita is easy, downloading recipes and purchasing ingredients prior to the group mixer, well it's time-consuming. We have options and kits for virtual cocktail hours that can be customized and shipped straight to everyone that will be at your next mixer!

Tradeshows have always included the components of pre-show and post-show follow up has always included identifying your markets and then connecting with attendees you met during the event. There's no doubt that while we love everything from the mixers and the handshakes that in-person events offer, the benefits of virtual are cost savings and no travel time or logistics.

Investing in mailers that offer more to the recipient is a key component to the success of the event. Our team was recently part of a 4-day virtual tradeshow with demonstrations and tours, as well as marketing materials we could download which made our experience more productive. Asking for a meeting prior to or post-show for expanded discussions could be inserted into home office charging stations or mailer cocktail kits.

Just like with in-person events, you must be strategic and thoughtful on which reps you send to virtual trade shows. While it’s always important to send sales reps with product knowledge and relationship-building skills, you should also ensure your reps have a good grasp on digital communication. They should know how to communicate well via email and text and feel comfortable using video conferencing or chat features.

Virtual tradeshows allow you and your sales team to safely connect with prospects and key business partners during the pandemic. By approaching virtual events with the same thoughtfulness and creativity as you would in-person events, you can have a productive and successful online experience. Consider follow-up packages that touch on your company's core values- perhaps the greater good you offer to your partners; like this package that's part of Soap for Hope.

Could you use more ideas around connecting virtually? Download this white paper.

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