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Partnerships That Create Change!

1% For The Planet product purchases support organizations making a difference for global issues. We have numerous posts regarding ways these types of products are woven into your branding strategies.

Here is a specific behind the scenes post about this partnership initiative.

In fact, sustainable options are becoming more and more abundant in our industry. We have an entire category on our blog featuring products with sustainability in mind through the material construction of the product.

Many of our largest brand partnerships- retail brands are leading these bold choices. Our brands matter category features the story behind these brand partnerships.

Responsible Sourcing is also a hot topic. The blog features posts & stories for how those behind the scenes efforts are part of the choices our purpose driven partners are making when selecting & sourcing products.

For sustainable choices made with recycled materials - our ProudPath collection is an excellent choice. Read those stories here.

Additionally we have partnerships, such as these below, that give back to foundations and charitable organizations with broad reach for addressing issues such as climate change. When you are concerning your product selections, we can share many types of partnerships that give back. In fact we have an entire category on this blog dedicated to expanded stories about partners that choose to give partners making a difference for others.

Plus, businesses that craft products from diversity owners. You know we love featuring other woman-owned brands in our collection.

Make sure to ask us to share all the ways we can align your brand with your values when crafting your next marketing campaign. Use your local advantage and collaborate with our team in our showroom & graphic studio.

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