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  • Why Back Woman-Owned Brands?

    In fact, our team team- all women! Here are some awesome retail brands owned by women! Combining handcrafted beauty & function- this woman-owned company uses bamboo to craft items for the products for local events to convention totes; a line dedicated to bags, including gift bags- this woman-owned This innovative partner is not only woman-owned, but delivers on products that engage consumers. Support Women, Family-Owned and Small Businesses You can count on women-owned businesses, like Promotional

  • Upcycled, Recycled, Saving Water and Woman Owned.

    On their own, each has strong appeal in the marketplace. Together? Founded in Santiago, Chile, this women-owned business is committed to finding new ways to protect the

  • Inspiring Woman Stories? Yes Please!!

    story might have started with male entrepreneur's, branded bag makers continue today with both men & women Plus- 73% of consumer own a branded bag, generating over 3,300 impressions in an 11month span of time One of our favorite bags from this woman-owned partner is the adventure bag - not only for the size and

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