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  • Why Back Woman-Owned Brands?

    one day she would become a woman-business owner with a business with an artistic purpose. Combining handcrafted beauty & function- this woman-owned company uses bamboo to craft items for the products for local events to convention totes; a line dedicated to bags, including gift bags- this woman-owned This innovative partner is not only woman-owned, but delivers on products that engage consumers. Support Women, Family-Owned and Small Businesses You can count on women-owned businesses, like Promotional

  • Upcycled, Recycled, Saving Water and Woman Owned.

    On their own, each has strong appeal in the marketplace. Together? Founded in Santiago, Chile, this women-owned business is committed to finding new ways to protect the

  • Inspiring Woman Stories? Yes Please!!

    story might have started with male entrepreneur's, branded bag makers continue today with both men & women Plus- 73% of consumer own a branded bag, generating over 3,300 impressions in an 11month span of time One of our favorite bags from this woman-owned partner is the adventure bag - not only for the size and

  • KABOOM! Fairytales Come True.

    We been posting a lot about innovation, and woman-owned businesses. Like Promotional Partners, they wanted to give back- so in 2001 these owners started working with a national By supporting our woman- owned partner, Fairytale Brownies, you’re also giving the gift of play, which Another woman- owned partnership! So many yummy treats and fantastic packaging options.

  • Design Your Own Life!

    Another innovative, inspiring woman who has shared her pearls of wisdom with us is Christine Hilt, who started her own Landscape Architecture firm and has grown to work on projects at places such as NC State After forty years of running her own business, Christine has a vast amount of wisdom to share with us Both had fathers who basically cheered- "you go girl" and each has enjoyed designing their own life. Each woman found their own voice & navigated their path, found footing and designed the chapters.

  • Designing Women; Adding Value

    Bonus points for woman-owned and creative pursuits. Making their home in Pittsburgh, PA, Moop Shop is a small, female-owned, ethically manufactured brand By printing your logo onto a Moop Tote Blank you are signaling your support for small, female-owned,

  • Don't Be Afraid to Get Your Brand Wet!

    Our woman-owned partner for our foam fabulous promotions has products for the home to clean the kitchen Another woman-owned, quirky enough to work and low cost- high impact idea to consider.

  • Count On Women

    Women-owned businesses! As woman owned NC HUB status business, we find that data exciting. In fact, data from the US Census Bureau, shows that the number of women-owned firms are on the rise and Did you know that North Carolina has over 330,000 businesses owned by women, employing over 250,000 people , Veteran Owned, Minority Owned and Women Owned- for some odd reason a personal favorite! Here are a few of our supplier partners that are woman owned: Started in 1980 from her home, Bag Makers

  • Unwrap the Magic of the Holiday Season

    Did you know all the products featured here are with one of our women-owned partnerships! That's doubling up on you woman-owned partners when you team up with us. Also, in additional to being NC HUB Status woman-owned, we are part of the Town of Apex MWBE program?

  • Boost Your Brand's Journey

    . ** this partner is a woman-owned company, so working with 2 women owned companies since we are woman-owned

  • Women In Leadership!

    Sheryl Sandberg Sept 22nd is American Business Women's Day and Promotional Partners is heavy on woman-power Consider these stat's about women in leadership roles: Women are still underrepresented in many organizations Women make up only 21% of senior vice president (SVP) roles According to the "Women in the Workplace Report" from McKinsey & Company &, there are only 20% of women in C-suite roles. The same report found that women of color make up only 4% of SVP roles & 3% of C-suite roles.

  • 10 Key Ways To Own Your Space

    Own your space by filling the footprint with visual reminders of who you are, what you value, the people

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