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Please, Color Outside the Lines!

Creativity Month must include coloring products. The playfulness is undeniable.

Stock options are perfect if you don't have something in mind or need something quick turn. There are plenty of stock coloring books & pencils, totes & bags that can be colored at your booth or in your store.

However if your business offers artisan products, creative services or needs interaction to retain educational messages- then custom is the way to go! Products that can be colored to add a layer of sensory engagement:

  • Sharing educational messages with items such as rulers with fire safety tips.

  • De-stress or overcome boredom in the airport for travelers with kits

  • Use coloring puzzles, pennants, magnets or bandanna's to reinforce messages.

Normally coloring books or stock images rely on coloring in the lines to make the image come to life, but our team enjoys coloring outside the lines! We look for ways to apply our innovative thinking and graphic expertise to custom projects!

We think outside the lines. Many products can become a coloring surface. A banner can start as line art - leaving space to share your vision of the future. Messages create a graffiti effect and inspire discussion. Discussions lead to creative solutions.

What are some ways we've applied our creative marketing & graphic design knowledge?

  • Banners

  • You might recall our community project raising awareness & having fun with kids.

  • Custom storybooks, coloring books & activity book for community engagement, commemorative projects and education. We have samples in our design studio.

  • Tee shirts for fabric markers & tie dye projects with schools.

  • Grand opening event with local partners, like Sawdust & Clay offering access to learning, and one of a kind art for your home! These colored pencils & sticky notes, with a ghosted image of their branding, offered a way to put a little creativity in everyone's hand that attended.

What types of products allow for some creative expression?

Our showroom & graphic studio spaces are perfect for comparing & collaborating.

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