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Proof That Chocolate Is Transcendent

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Are you a fan of chocolate? Our partners at Maple Ridge Farms have all the treats you will be craving, including chocolate.

They've done the research, discovering that chocolate is more than just a sweet treat—it can be transcendent. As a fan, I had to keep reading. Take a look at the evidence to prove it!

From Cinnamon Churro Toffee, to Olivia's favorite the English Butter Toffee- there is always something to delight the palette with this partner. Miranda is a fan of the chocolate covered almonds - and we will look forward to our team taste testing an upcoming show to determine which flavors are a hit with Sherri & Isabel. This video captures some of our favorite options for chocolate treats.

Lets face it - emotions are powerful and chocolate evokes emotion. What's the potential of the emotional connection your brand will make with recipients just by sharing the power of chocolate? Besides, there are at least 8 compelling reasons that food makes the perfect gift.

Take a look at the full line here.

Not sure which treat to include? Not a problem. We can build a custom kit with more than one selection, add something tangible to use later, insert a custom card or product from your inventory to enhance the presentation factor.

We love the creative aspect of this type of campaign.

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