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Searching For The Perfect Gift?

It’s that time of year again: gift season. Selecting a gift everyone will appreciate is tricky. Our advice? Focusing on products with practical everyday function is smart; and statistically speaking it means your gift will be appreciated, kept and used.

Bluetooth® Speakers

Listening to their favorite tunes or tuning into their favorite podcast – everybody can make use of a high-quality wireless speaker. Our Pick: High Sierra® Outdoor Speaker & Wireless Power Bank | 8053-07. The IPX7 waterproof rating, means this speaker can withstand a little rain or even an accidental dip in the pool. The 8,000 mAh battery provides eight hours of quality sound at max volume. Even better, it doubles as a wireless power bank can charge two devices at once, keeping you powered up all weekend. Let the adventures begin.

Tote Bags

From a day at the park to a weekend trip, tote bags are the best way to carry your supplies. A non-woven tote makes this gift affordable for larger distributions. The SM-7314 is a foil-lined interior, with a spacious zippered main compartment, comfy 24” double handles and an open front pocket for even more storage. It’s insulated, use it as a cooler for snacks, drinks and groceries! Blankets

Waterproof styles for the outdoors, cozy fleece for the couch – blankets come in handy all year round. Our Pick: High Sierra® Oversize Picnic Blanket | 1080-37 This comfy 60” x 70” fleece blanket has a water-resistant ripstop lining, plus a carrying wrap and handle for portability. Insulated Drinkware

At the office, around the campfire or on the go, versatility is what makes insulated drinkware a gift season MVP (Most Versatile Present). Hydro Flask®, it’s sure to make a big impression. Our Pick: Hydro Flask® Coffee Mug 12oz. | 1601-94 Mornings are always better with a fresh cup of joe in your favorite mug. On top of TempShield™ insulation to keep your coffee hot, this stylish, durable mug features a closeable lid that slides shut to prevent spills and leaks. Eco-Friendly Food Storage

Packing lunch for work, storing leftovers from last night– there are plenty of occasions where food storage will come in handy. This product is made from sustainable materials, it becomes an eco-friendly gift you can feel good about giving. Our Pick: Ekobo Rectangular Bento Box | 1022-28 Goodbye plastic baggies, hello bamboo fiber! This roomy bento box features a removable divider so you can customize your bento to your lunch, not vice versa. Its top doubles as a plate, and it's all held together by a sturdy, black silicone band. Smart Notebooks

When it comes to staying organized, there’s only one thing better than a notebook – a notebook that includes digital technology allowing you to store lists, ideas and notes in the cloud, so you’ll always be able to retrieve them. Our Pick: Rocketbook Letter Flip Notebook Set | 0911-18 The synthetic, white-lined paper lets you write smoothly with a Pilot Frixion pen, then conveniently wipes clean with a damp cloth. Just use the free Rocketbook app to back up your notes, then erase and reuse again and again!

Water Bottles and Tumblers

Drinking water throughout the day is good for your health. A stylish bottle from a popular retail brand is a great way to help people improve hydration habits. Whether you are working, hiking trail or running errands on the weekend, a water bottle will get plenty of use. Our Pick: Hydro Flask® Standard Mouth With Flex Cap 21oz | 1601-91 The perfect size for a backpack pocket or car cupholder, this bottle has an on-trend look and features TempShield™ insulation that prevents condensation and keeps beverages cold for up to 24 hours, or hot for up to 12! Which makes gifts like these perfect for healthcare & first responders, who might need to leave their beverage to respond to others.

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Popular retail brands, budget-friendly gifts, holiday best-sellers and more – check out even more of our best ideas here!

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