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If you have thoughts, you’re a thinker. Every human being engages their mind all day, every day. The mind can be exercised and optimized, just like the body, with a few simple tools. That's what Baronfig has to say about - well, thinking!

Tools For Thinkers

Baronfig is a 100% employee-owned

brand founded with a simple mission:

to champion thinkers around the world

through inspiration and imagination.

Talk about being a stakeholder.

What are the 3 principals that guide this brand?

What's the why behind this brand?

Founded on a mission. “To champion thinkers around the world through inspiration and imagination. Throughout our journey in designing products and coming up with creative projects, our mission continues to drive us. It’s the singular rule by which every move we make is measured against."

Designed by the community. Baronfig started "as a Kickstarter project based on feedback from hundreds of thinkers around the world. Today they continue this tradition by keeping an open dialogue with what their customers say as a way to continuously evolve."

A tree planted for every Confidant sold. Giving back? Yes, they are "dedicated to empowering and inspiring thinkers. This includes a responsibility to leave the earth better than we found it—one tree at a time."

What tools do they offer for thinking & branding?

Check out this PDF here.

What inspires you?

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