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Shape Up Your Next Promotion

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

In our continuing series, Graphically Speaking, here's a tip to keep in mind.

There are more shapes than geometric ones!

We've done a lot of projects over the years that are "cut to form" which simply means the outline or contour of an object. Contour cut products add more realism and offer higher visual impact.

One of our all-time favorites, these Big Bang Theory hand-fans we created for CW22's program launch held at a local Mudcat's game.

What's the graphic term to learn from this type of promotion? Die Cut.

Think of a die-cut this way, the contour lines are also like a cookie-cutter, following the outline of a form. A cookie-cutter is very similar to the metal die needed to cut a shape out of material such as:

Even foam can be cut to shape to add some fun to your next zoom meeting, photo-op, celebrate a milestone or jazzy up your work station. Do you have a favorite die cut shape item?

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