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Tag You're It!

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Become the "it factor" could be as simple as adding a USA & NC Made tag to your shoes or your zipper!

Lightweight, full color tags that are cut to shape are an interesting way to add some fun to your next event. How and why would you use this type of product. In our continuing series just quirky enough to work, this product is a must share.

Often racers receive their race packet in the mail or at a pick up point. Inserting a custom shoe tag that can attach to their shoes could serve as both access to the race checkpoint and add some spirit during and after the event. Since many local races are tied to a charity, after the race the tag can be worn on the zipper pull of your jacket, gym bag, backpack or purse to continue to raise awareness. Many runners keep their bibs, ribbons or medals - this type of product is easy to display at home or at your work station.

Looking for more ways to use this type of product?

  1. Student book-bags for spirit

  2. Add a promotional code to the back to bring shoppers & diners back to your location after a event.

  3. Keepsake from festival with dates of other upcoming events

  4. Autograph booth, with space for TV or radio personalities to sign with station insignia or images of popular programming

  5. Entry ticket into concert venue

  6. Add a QR code to scan for more information about upcoming events

  7. Mini uniform - municipalities could use at community events for information from public works on the shape of a trash bin or recycling bin, lighting bolt for storm tips or to report outages, fire and police might make the public aware of shred dates, medicine drop locations or even personal safety tips.

Tag, your it! Looking for another reason to consider this promotion? It's part of Promotional Partners 2020 Give Back Program. Ask us to share the details with you!

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