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Handwriting Makes Connections!

Journal Mania- it's a thing. In fact, I'd say it makes key connections- the WRITE way.

If you recall our earlier post in March, then you'll want to read this follow up post to understand your options. Consider this journals & notebooks 101. When we are crafting a promotion that includes a journal- we'll have questions.

Let's start with size-

Cover preferences:

Recycled materials, plastics, bamboo, leather, leather like, tech fabrics and more........

Do you want it book bound or spiral?


Decoration method?

How many pages? Blank or lined?

There are different types of paper- including reusable pages like a Rocketbook.

Who will use the book, the purpose behind the journal?

Do we need to add custom features?

Would you like to align your brand values to a greater good?

There are even durable options, solving challenges such as writing in the rain!

We have over 8 pages of posts about journals.

To gain brand engagement, you need solution's that keeps your message in the forefront.

We love creating graphics and custom books! Our showroom has numerous samples of products to compare, plus custom projects. Express yourself! Layering in value for your vertical markets with journals or notebooks that best express your brand identity.

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