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What Could You Do With 10,080 Minutes?

Updated: Jan 8

What could you do with 10,080 minutes?

Invest in yourself.

Those minutes add up to 168 hours, which is also the equivalent of 21 days of 8 hours.

That's an entire work month - and our owner has spent those hours learning- in her "free time"- you know, weekends & nights! Does that effort sound crazy? We hope not, because Olivia just completed her second renewal of her MAS. Now earning 168.7 hours through the PPAI education program.

Our owner Olivia has always put a premium on education.

She believes the more she invests in professional development, the better partner she will be for your brand. A commitment to education is why our entire team has certification. It's one of our core values. Promotional Partners is part of a program started in 1979 to designate an elite group of industry professionals that have demonstrated their commitment to the promotional products industry, invest their time and energy to achieve & maintain these designations.

When Olivia initially earned CAS in 2012, the requirements were at least 3 years of industry experience before you could even be considered for certification. Then the required courses, plus a required a comprehensive proctored test with a mandatory score to pass for certification. Since 2012, she has earned her CAS three times, and her MAS twice. She also holds certification through ASI, with her MASI.

That's a lot of professional development!

Over the years, the program has changed for PPAI, the proctored test & initial time spend in our industry were removed years ago, however the program has always maintain required rigorous course work for each level of certification, with the component of 30 renewal credit hours every 3 years to stay certified. Among those classes are required certification classes around safety, compliance, marketing, branding & operations. ASI currently has a test & application process, along with required courses & on-going professional development opportunities.

At Promotional Partners we've taken the extra step to earn designations in safety & compliance as well as adhering to a code of industry conduct. Learn more about these programs here, We maintain all of these designations to provide more peace of mind to our clients. We also share tips we learn in our newsletters, master mind groups and strategic planning meetings.

What's behind the tassel? Read more here.

We encourage you to follow our social media for our new local advantage series- showcasing how our collaborative, creative and certified process has your back.

That's partnership at work for you!

Note: Our certifications are part of these two international associations:

ASI- Advertising Specialty Institute

PPAI- Promotional Products Association International

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